Microsoft Single Sign-On

In order to support a more centralized and seamless sign-in and user management experience for our customers, we provide the option for users to bind their Live Center accounts to their organisations’ Microsoft account.

For Live Center Users

Binding your account:

Before you can log in to Live Center using your Microsoft credentials, you will need to bind your Live Center Account to your organisations Microsoft account. This can be done on the Manage Account page on Live Center:

Sign in with your Microsoft credentials, and you will be able to log in using this account when on the log in page for Live Center.

If you are unable to bind your account, it might be because your organisation has not completed its integration with Live Center.

For Live Center Administrators

Binding your Microsoft Azure Active Directory Tenant to your Live Center Tenant:

To complete this process, you will need you organisations’ Microsoft Azure Active Directory Tenant Id.

On the bottom om the Administrate Tenant page, you will see this area where you can configure Single Sign-On integrations. Here you can add the Azure Active Directory Tenant Id of your organisation to the Config Json by using the provided field. You can also enforce log-in using Microsoft

(NOTE: All your users must bind their Live Center accounts to their Microsoft accounts before turning on microsoft sign-in enforcement, since they no longer will be able to log in with their Live Center credentials)

For technical administrators:

Microsoft single sign-on is provided through the Microsoft Gallery for Azure Active Directory integration with your organisation

The application must be added to your organisations’ Azure Active Directory and granted consent by an Azure Active Directory Administrator in order for Live Center users from your organisation to bind their Live Center accounts to their organisational accounts.

SSO is implemented using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

Required permissions:

  • Microsoft Graph - Sign in users
    • This is the basic permission used to allow Live Center to log in users via your organisations Azure Active Directory Tenant
  • Microsoft Graph - View users’ basic profile
    • This permission is required to verify the user information with the user information we have in LiveCenter, and to bind the Live Center account to the organisational account.
  • Microsoft Graph - Maintain access to data you have given it access to
    • This permission is required to keep access to the information we use to bind the organisational and Live Center accounts.